Old Photographs relating to Stokesley

We have added some old photographs to the website. I have displayed small versions of the photographs, but clicking on a photograph will take you to a larger version. If you hover your mouse over a photograph, you will see a display of what we know about the photograph (currently that is not very much!).

If anyone can provide any other information on any of these photographs, we would be grateful, and would add that information to the website with your approval.

In addition, if anyone has other old photographs, we would be grateful to have sight of them. We would normally copy the photographs, then return them to you. We would be very happy to attribute the photograph to you.

You can contact us by emailing the website using the email address in the page "Contact Us", or by telephoning the secretary at 01642 711875.

This photograph is called Band, so perhaps it is a Band of Hope march Looks like a Postcard. A familiar view of the Parish Church College Square, showing what is now Trevor's Fish and Chip shop, and Y'Thai restaurant. There is a motorised vehicle outside what is now SPAR A Cricket Pavilion. Where is it? Is it on what is now the Cricket Pitch? A Football Team - who were they? Another Football Team - who were they? This is called Girls1956, so presumably that is the date of the photograph - if so, many of these girls will still be around Looks like a Postcard. A view of the High Street showing what is now SPAR, Grainges, Boots, Thomas the Baker Looks like a Postcard. The West End of Stokesley, showing what is now the Delicatessen, Stokesley House, and West Green Looks like a Postcard. A view from West Green, looking towards the centre of Stokesley Looks like a Postcard. A view from the Plain, showing what is now Chapters, and the Town Hall Who was Jane Hayes Alderson? Who were they? Now Martins newsagents in Stokesley High Street. The shop front in this photograph is now used in the street in the York Castle Museum. This photograph has been contributed by Don and Peggy Simmonds, who ran the newsagents until 1976. The dog was called Shep!