The Official Opening of the New ZigguratA lovely shot of the New Ziggurat

At noon, on Saturday 2nd June 2012, the official opening of Frazer Johnston's New Ziggurat took place. These photographs were mainly taken by David Wright from the Stokesley Photographic Society - one was contributed by Charles Stuart. Click any picture to see a larger version. The event started with a Bellringer (Eric Lee), calling a large crowd to attention.

Eric Lee as a very impressive BellringerFrazer Johnston, the designer and builder of the Ziggurat, with Peter Chandler from the Rotary Club of StokesleyFrom the left, Frazer Johnston, the designer and builder of the Ziggurat, Peter Chandler, President of the Rotary Club of Stokesley, and George Carter, who brought the sponsors to the table

Linda Purnell, the current Chair of SPIOTA, performed the Official Opening, in which she thanked the SPIOTA committee and volunteers for their hard work in bringing in the funding, and for practical work in preparing planting and assembling the ziggurat, thanked Paul Nymeyer of Rainbow Nurseries for his advice and assistance in getting the planting right, and thanked George Carter for bringing sponsors to the table.

Linda starting her address Linda explaining how the money was raised Linda explains the role of Paul Nymeyer of Rainbow Nurseries Paul Nymeyer of Rainbow Nurseries is thanked for his efforts and his sponsorship

George Carter presented Linda Purnell, the Chair of SPIOTA with a scroll documenting the transfer of ownership of the Ziggurat to SPIOTA. The ceremony was performed in front of Henry Cowles's Thermometer which had been used to chart the progress of the collection of funds for the project.

George Carter explains the scroll George Carter hands over the scroll to Linda Linda thanks George for the scroll Linda relaxes with George and Jan Carter after the ceremony

Meanwhile, the crowd wondered where the fizz and canapes were.

Some of the crowd who attended the opening Some of the crowd who attended the opening Some of the crowd who attended the opening

The letter from the QueenAs an addendum to the celebration, SPIOTA subsequently received a letter from a Lady in Waiting of Queen Elizabeth. Click on the picture to the left to see the letter in full.