Membership is by open invitation to individuals and organisations resident or based within the Parish of Stokesley.

Membership is free although donations are very welcome at any time.

An organisation may nominate one of its own members to represent its interests in SPIOTA affairs.

Members are free to attend any meetings of the Association and bring along friends who may be interested.

It is hoped that members will give freely of their efforts in helping with the physical work inherent in the activities of the Association as outlined in Projects and Events.

List of current members:

Linda Purnell
Fiona Wilson
Ajit Patel
Derek Whiting
Jill Lee
Fred Lee
Dave Scott
Alan Weighell
Mike Irving
Lovaine Irving
Adrian Rathmell
Caroline Rathmell
Trish Lee
Ken Ridgeway
Bill Griffiths
John Wilson
Gordon Pollard
Gordon Newton
Wendy Smith
Michael Scott
Steven Brown
Pam King
Jeff King
Rowland Robson
Norma Brown
Diane Umpleby
Julia Haigh
Sheila Donaldson
Helen Bowron
Jim Cheeseman
Tom Stockport
Ian Ditchburn
Linda Ditchburn
Helen Fletcher
Jenny Strachan
John Harris
Nick Athey
Annie Malik
David Purnell
Susan Sutton