You are welcome to come to the next Heritage workshop on Mon 12 Nov, in St Joseph's Church Hall at 10 am (9.30 am for those helping to prepare and set up the room). This is a good time to join in as we are starting our programme for the second year of the Heritage Project. We plan to:

  1. Update on the three leaflets, which have reached the printing stage, 1500 copies of each. We would be glad to hear from anyone willing to help with sales.
  2. Review progress on using the Internet to store and share results and some of the other topics discussed last month.
  3. Kev will go through the procedure for using the Records Office for buildings research.
  4. Separate into Groups covering
    • Manor & Archeology
    • Buildings and People
    • Transport
    • Other topics, newcomers and those who are considering their choice of topics.

I attach the topic list from the report on the October Workshop.


1. The Manor

2. Buildings and the people who lived in them

Deeds, old photos, maps, census records, trade directories, Brick Survey, Images of England (English Heritage internet site). - Frank Robinson, Christine Chandler, Mary Hunt, Andy Edwards.

Families: Ralph Barker suggested Neasham, and added after the meeting Unthank and Kearsley. - Eileen Driver will discuss this further with Ralph.

New Blue Plaques with wide participation in proposing and selecting properties - Derek Whiting.

3. Industry and Commerce

4. Transport

Packhorse Trails and routes - Quarter Session (on new web site) at Record Office, Bridge Records held by County Highways (contact John Parkinson), Parish Records. - Chris Taylor, Judith Ratcliffe

5. Local Archaeology - Check available information, talk to Roger Priest. - John Edwards.

6. WW1 and WW2

Both of these were viewed as important: WW1 with the coming centenary, and WW2 while there is the opportunity to talk to those involved. At this stage there are no volunteers: HC will discuss with the Local History Group. Great Ayton have done some good work on this.

7. Comprehensive School

Eileen Driver thinks the History Dept would be interested in a project involving children collecting memories from their families.

H B Charman